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This section of Visual Stories has been created, and is being updated so that the people I assist with with WordPress websites can find not only the basic WordPress know how but also their personalized tutorials and Knowledge Base for their website, and its theme.


I’ve launched the section even though it is not complete. I’m adding the basics of WP, and for the most part concentrating on the personal pages. By doing so, those of you who have live sites can quickly find the information pertaining your own projects.


Help with the basics of the WordPress dashboard.


Understanding the basics of your theme.

Trouble Shooting

Common problems in WP and how to fix them.


Shortcuts + cheat-sheets for some of the basics in WP.

Adding content

Adding content to your WordPress theme is easy, you just need to know where to add it, and what type of files and sizes are best to add. I’ll share tips & tricks for the basics here and on your personal tutorial page we’ll get into specific content related to your website. 

  • Adding texts to posts & pages
  • Adding photos & graphics
  • Sizes & types of files to add


Learn the basics of WordPress and have more control over your website.
  • Plugins

    What they are, how to find & use them.

  • Updates

    What, how, & why you need to make updates.

  • Back-ups

    How, why, & what you should back-up,

  • Copies

    How & why you should clone your pages & posts.


Here you’ll find the latest on the blog. All things web-related.
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